The Wave Sayonara, Mizuno's performance trainer that Nike Air Max Black UK pushed the boundaries of lightweight last year with it's innovative U4ic midsole material, will receive its first update this upcoming summer. Keeping true with Mizuno's update pattern, the Sayonara 2 will see a platform carried over from Air Max 2011 Black UK predecessor. So what can we expect in this update? Most significantly, a small amount of material has been added around the midfoot, giving the shoe a slightly more accessible fit and addressing a concern some runners had from the original model. In addition, the few seams in the interior of the shoe have been completely removed for reduced hotspots and a more socklike fit. Otherwise, the Black Air Max 2011 only difference is a change in the graphics across the upper.
You can now see hands waving 'goodbye' in the overlays around the midfoot and over the Nike Blazer Shoes UK though you may have to look closely to see them. In all, it's an inconsequential detail, but it does serve as a nice testament to the shoe's name and heritage. Though this update looks to be a nice little refinement to the Sayonara, we would like to see a bit more differentiation between the Sayonara 2 and its predecessor. Though maintaining a certain 'look' for the Sayonara does help establish Nike Blazer Leopard Print Mens identity, keeping a nearly identical aesthetic can present a bit of confusion for the customer who is unaware of the changes. Regardless, with this update the Sayonara should continue to be a good option for the runner who wants a fast and nimble ride.Amidst all the lightweight, eye-catching, performance oriented trainers and racing shoes slated for a summer 2014 release, there are Nike Blazer Flower Print a few new maximum support trainers that will make their way onto the feet of many runners as well.
Though perhaps not as sexy as the many sleeker and Nike Free UK lighter footwear options becoming available, the Nike Shoes 1260 v4 is definitely a shoe that will cause people to rethink this admittedly traditionally drab category. Like in its predecessor, the 1260 v4 sports an 8mm offset, putting Nike Free Run 2 White in line with competitors like the Brooks Transcend and the Saucony Hurricane. We're finding that 6-8mm is a sweet spot for many offset-conscious runners who want something that allows for a more efficient stride. A new tech to watch out for in the 1260 v4 is what Nike Shoes calls "Post Applied", in which the supportive medial post is molded independent of the rest of the midsole, then applied Nike 2 Pink White Women process. Get it?
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2012 Kalendar*
27-28 January
Rally Uppsala
9-12 February
Rally Sweden
17-18 February
17- 20 May
South Swedish Rally
17-18 August
14-15 September
East Sweden Rally
5-6 oktober

Evo Challenge comes to an end after five years in Sweden and 12 years overall
Well, that's it! After
five-years in Sweden and 12-years since it began in the UK, we regret to announce that the Evolution Challenge will not continue in 2013. During its 12-year lifespan, the Evolution Challenge has welcomed over 200 teams and comprised a total of 127 rounds: 70 in the UK, 33 in Sweden and 24 in Ireland. It has encouraged some of the closest competition rallying has ever seen and presented some of the best prizes ever awarded in the sport. We would like to thank Mitsubishi, the sponsors, supporters and friends that have helped us over the years - and especially the drivers, co-drivers and teams, as without their commitment we could not have achieved such success in what has been a fantastic 12-year journey.

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